What if you could unlock your intuition, embody your highest self, and tune into your heart... in only 6 weeks?

Most mindset and spirituality courses focus solely on the healing the subconscious in this lifetime, using other people's strategies, and have you feeling reliant on someone else to tell you what to do next.

Heart-Centered takes a different approach. Instead of here are all of your 'blocks' you need to work through in order to feel good, keep coming back to me for everything you need. I have created a unique and proven process that has helped many clients open the treasure chest that is their intuition, tuned into their desires, and learn how to trust and tune into themselves.

Be honest with me, how many times have you...

Obsessively watched your favorite spiritual gurus on Instagram, hoping to find the perfect solution... Or maybe ignored your intuition because it didn't feel logical... Or second-guessed what you felt and watched 10 tarot card readings on YouTube to confirm what you were feeling... Or tried out a strategy that didn't feel super aligned, but you did it anyway because it worked for everyone else.

Psst... you don't need to keep searching for answers

You need a customizable plan that aligns with you and feels good to you, so you can embody your highest self and create a life that you want.
Sign me the F up!

This is for you if...

  • You doubt every message, intuitive hit or inner knowing that you receive

  • You don’t embrace your true self, gifts, or your true core wants because you’re afraid what others with think

  • You’re living a life someone else wants for you

  • Are ready to learn to put your ego aside and to start embodying your next level self.

  • You are ready to listen to that inner voice inside that's been wanting to be heard, but don't know where to start.

  • You feel deep insecurity around receiving, often feel the need to control and compare yourself to others

  • You've tried everything, yet you still feel like you don't know what you are doing and nothing is working.

Introducing Heart-Centered

The ultimate portal that will uncover + clear your multi-dimensional blocks and limiting beliefs, open your heart, and align you with practical applications and strategies to move forward so you can tune into your intuition.

During my 1:1 Akashic Records Readings, the heart kept coming up in almost 99% of them. Sharing that the patterns, themes, and blocks they were experiencing in their lives were all rooted back to their hearts. 

When we identify our story and begin to heal it, we are healing not only ourselves but the past generations and generations yet to come. During this workshop, I will guide you through a series of guided meditations, teachings, embodiment exercises, and journal prompts so you can transcend your old stories and be the confident + intuitive human you are meant to be. 

Clients and students who have experienced just PART of this proven method have had results like:

It’s time we take the stress, frustration, and feeling stuck/lost out of life.

Don't ya think?

Just imagine how you'd feel if...

  • Had the confidence to show up so you could embody the highest version of YOU.

  • Connect to your intuition with ease and no longer look for other people or plans to give it to you.

  • Fully trust in your vision and have an inner knowing you are on the right path.

  • Deep trust and connection to the universe


Working with Elizabeth

“I've been meaning to write to you ever since the first Heart-Centered Akashic Records reading. I was brought to tears when I had heard it and it resonated so much. This latest one was just as great. It's interesting to hear key things pointed out like the ocean and water because I've been thinking of how I don't have water in my chart but I want to bring in more of that free-flowing energy. I also loved that the reading specifically addressed a place I've felt blocked. I've been hesitant to speak up and the reading touched on that in a very clear way. It's given me so much to think about and I feel inspired to adapt my ways so as to keep growing from my heart upwards through the chakras.”

“I originally signed up for this course, because I wanted someone to tell me what to do. I wanted my intuition to be that way to. Since taking it, it feels like a whole new door has been opened and I am able to connect with it like I never have before. I am so grateful for the group readings too, I am continuing to integrate the lessons today!”

“I thought I knew what to expect when accepting a reading from Elizabeth, but what I ended up receiving was beyond what my heart had hoped for. Everything she channeled was deeply resonant and affirming and I felt such a huge release as I read what she wrote for me. She was able to provide information that allowed me to let go of years of tension, doubt, and fear. She clearly and gently communicated messages connected to visions I had been holding, ideas I was unsure about, and other pieces of information I had been keeping to myself. I'm incredibly grateful for the experience and would absolutely recommend to anyone interested.”

“I recently had an Akashic Records reading with Elizabeth, I found it incredible. I have often heard people saying that when they got their reading it was confirmation of something they already knew. Well for me it was confirmation of my dreams and desires. Confirmation that I am on the right path, and only at the very beginning.What a wonderful gift. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.”

“Elizabeth has such a powerful gift, this was my first Akashic reading and it was so beneficial. The words that she channeled were so important for my healing, I’m so grateful. I now know what I need to work on, and I also feel like a burden has been lifted! Thank you!”

“Wow. This is certainly what I need to know and see right now. Wow wow. Thank you so much. I read it and just started crying. I feel like my heart has been cracked open. It was exactly what I needed.”

“The reading was overall very gentle, kind, and sprinkled with wisdom that sounds like it came straight from my soul. Thank you so much!”

A little bit about me and my journey...

For 5 years I went neck-deep in the self-development and the spiritual world after healing myself naturally from depression and anxiety. Running through self-help books and courses like they were keeping me alive. Yet, I felt more lost, stuck, and confused about how to shift my reality and manifest my deepest desires.  My dreams felt far-off. I used to think I would never have a drop of intuition, abilities, or lifestyle like my favorite IG 'gurus'.

It wasn't until the Akashic Records came into my life that my whole world view shifted. It completely uncorked my intuition, leading me to the right programs,  creating offerings that lit my soul up rather than me desperately trying to find the solution. 

As an International Akashic Records Reader and Spiritual Teacher, I've read for over 50+ souls and guide them from a place of lack and uncertainty to one of empowerment. I know that down to the very last cell in my body that I have to share my passion for helping others step into their own power, and share their authentic nature with the world. All through honoring their body, opening their hearts, and connecting to their divine nature.

Inside Heart-Centered, you’ll get access to my signature framework for unlocking your intuition, tuning in to your heart's portal, and learn how to trust and tune into yourself, along with endless resources, community, and support that’ll guarantee you get there.

Did someone say bonuses?

  • Heart-Centered Soulcial Facebook Community

    Full of Goddesses just like you who are ready to rock it to the moon and back & support you anytime you need. Ask any questions and guidance you may have!

  • Money Receiving Meditation

    This guided meditation was channeled through the records in order to help you honor, accept, and release your feelings of overwhelm, or feeling of lack when it comes to money.

The Investment

You can enroll today for only $333

Take an insider look at Heart-Centered

Module 1: The Heart Center

This module will bring you massive clarity and insight around what the heart center *actually* does, how we can energetically block it, how we can align with it. Plus a channeled meditation to connect you with your multi-dimensional self. Everything in this module is the baseline for doing this work and what you will achieve in the coming weeks.

Module 2: Working with the Heart's Energy

How you can actually get in tune with the Heart's energy now. Reasons you can be blocking your intuition from showing up. How you can begin shifting out of old stories and step into a new evolution of self. Journal prompts and embodiment exercises galore in this one.

Module 3: Energetic Channels

We are going deep into our energetic line in this one and diving into the three most common energetic channels that show up... The Throat, Third Eye, and Sacral... oh and the prosperity line + the best way to activate it.

Module 4: Multi-Dimensional Healing

Let me guess, you've only heard about healing your subconscious from your childhood... True, it is important, yet it is only one side of the story. This module is one of the most profound and powerful and chock full of channeled meditations to meet your past-life self, ancestors, and heal your inner child, journal prompts, and an embodiment exercise.

Module 5: Receiving Mode

Ever feel desperate, obsessive, and a bit too attached to what it is you want? Well, this module we are covering just that, how we can shift into a state where we allow good things to come into our life, expand our comfort zones, and show up in a new way every. single. day.

Module 6: Heart-Cleansing

We are doing a full on final cleanse of the heart. No fancy juicer involved. This last module contains a powerful meditation that comes full circle and offers forgiveness and peace.